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Features, Advantages and Benefits of the Discovery Email Marketing System

Send From Up To 100,000 Professional Marketing Emails

  • Send from up to 100,000 emails or from up to 200,000 emails in the license year depending on your choice of annual license
  • Enjoy the flexibility of planning your marketing strategy for maximum impact
  • Balanced transmission rates of up to 5000 emails per day, 10,000 emails per week and 10,000 per month

An Excellent High Impact – Low Cost Marketing Tool

  • Extremely cost-effective marketing providing fast and versatile functionality
  • High impact designer emails to target increased sales from existing and potential new customers
  • Regularly email your clients with latest product news and offers
  • Enhance your business profile and keep your business name in front of your client base
  • Active links in the email template back to your own website for increased promotion

Create And Send Your Own High Impact Designer Email Campaigns

  • Style and personalise your selected designer templates with your own logo and corporate branding
  • Login from your own PC to access our easy to use styling and edit system
  • Easily create professional designer emails to impress your existing and potential customers

A Library Of Professional Designer Email Templates To Choose From

  • 6 professional designer email templates provided for your selection
  • Use our convenient colour picker to change the colours of your selected email templates
  • As an optional extra we can design your own bespoke email template incorporating your corporate identity and colours.

So Very Easy To Use With Simple Functionality

  • An extremely easy user-friendly interface
  • Extremely simple and easy to use from your own PC
  • Designed so that your office staff find it easy to use
  • Planned and structured especially for small to medium size businesses

A Simple-To-Use Set-Up Wizard To Make Life Easier

  • To make life easier we have also provided you with a step-by-step set-up 'wizard'

Clear Dashboard Overview Feature And Easy Navigation

  • Benefit from the very clear at-a-glance dashboard overview of your system

Easy Navigation For Optimum User-Friendliness

  • A very easy and user-friendly navigation system to make life easy

Online And Telephone Support Centres

  • Online advice, tutorials and FAQs in our Help Centre
  • Online support ticket system from our dedicated team within the UK
  • Telephone support ticket system from our dedicated team within the UK

Subscriber Group Database Management Facility

  • Manage your email subscriber database with our effective management system
  • Organise your email subscriber list into groups for different email campaigns
  • Build and manage your email subscriber database as your business grows

Campaign Management System

  • Manage your email campaigns with our effective management system
  • Enjoy the facility where you can re-send or edit previous email campaigns

Email Campaign Archive

  • Your past email campaigns are retained for a period in an Archive for future reference and use

Transmission Scheduler

  • Set up email campaigns in advance for scheduled automated future transmission
  • Use your available time effectively - create your campaigns in advance at leisure
  • Choose the optimum date and time for transmission to begin

Detailed Analysis, Statistics And Reporting

  • Keep informed about all your email campaigns, email groups and emails sent
  • A range of very useful graphs and statistics relevant to your use of this system are available
  • Enjoy easy at-a-glance analysis

A Useful Range of Expandability Options

  • Double your email transmission quotas with our Full Email Credits Pack
  • Buy extra support system credits
  • Have your own unique bespoke designer email header created
  • Have your own unique bespoke designer email template created

Reducing Spam Blacklisting Risks by Staggered Email Transmission

  • A staggered anti-spam transmission system has been installed to reduce spam blacklisting risks with fixed email transmission limits of up to 250 emails per hour, up to 5000 emails per day, up to 10,000 emails per week, up to 10,000 emails per month and up to 100,000 emails per year, or up to 240 emails per hour, up to 20,000 emails per week, up to 20,000 emails per month and up to 200,000 emails per year depending on your choice of annual license

Auto-Management Of Bounce Backs And Unsubscribe Replies To Reduce Spam Blacklisting Risks

  • An auto-unsubscribe facility is built in to each designer email template to reduce spam blacklisting risks
  • An auto-delete facility for email bounce-backs is integrated to reduce spam blacklisting risks
  • An auto-prevention facility to stop further transmission to email addresses that have previously unsubscribed or sent a bounce back is integrated to reduce spam blacklisting risks
  • An integrated anti-spam email restriction system to block the transmission of email campaigns that may be identified as spam

High Performance Systems and Infrastructure

  • High performance servers with 100 Mbps connectivity, RAID facilities and an extra bespoke firewall
  • Effective phased back-up systems to help protect your data

Full Account History For Easy Reference and Information

  • Full account history details are available via the customer admin system

Easy In - Easy Out - With No Hidden Costs

  • No long term commitment at the end of the annual license
  • No automatic-renewal as the customer has to physically renew another year's license online