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How Does It Work and How Do I Set It Up?

Our Discovery Email Marketing System has been very carefully developed to be extremely user-friendly so that it is easy-to-use by general office staff. Therefore getting set up and started is a very simple process. In addition, we have made available much useful information and provided both an Online Email Support System and a Telephone Support facility and the first 20 Support Credits are provided free of charge.

To give you an overview of the logical steps involved in buying, registering and getting started, we have listed a 10 Step Guide below.

Step 1:

You select the 'Buy Now' menu button and purchase your one year's license to use the Discovery Email Marketing System web application at a cost of £250+vat.

Step 2:

You will be led through a simple License Registration process.

Step 3:

We will email you your Confidential Username and Password so you can Login to Your Own Unique Account User Area.

Step 4:

Use these details to login and access your own Account User Area.

Step 5:

Have a good look around your Account User Area and get used to all the facilities at your disposal using the simple navigation system.

Step 6:

Enter your list of subscriber email addresses or import your current subscriber email list using our simple import facility. There are clear instructions in the Help Centre and in the unlikely event that you need further assistance then you can contact us via our Online Email Support System or Telephone Support System.

Step 7:

Sort your subscriber email lists into relevant groups.

Step 8:

Use our easy and very fast step-by-step 'Wizard' to style and save your designer email template, create your email campaigns by typing/copying your required text and styling it using the easy-to-use text edit tools, then uploading your required photograph and finally choosing the group or groups of subscriber email addresses to send it to.

Step 9:

Send yourself a test email to check it is exactly as you wish.

Step 10:

If required, set the date and time for transmission in our Scheduler, and select 'Send Campaign'. To transmit immediately, select 'Send Campaign'.

If you need any further assistance, use our Online Email Support System or Telephone Support System (we have provided you with 20 free Support Credits). So please always remember that there is personal support available.