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Why Choose the Discovery Email Marketing System?

Below are a few of the important reasons why they should choose the Discovery Email Marketing System, one of the successful web marketing applications crafted and produced by Discovery Design Limited.

Outstanding Advantages Of The Discovery Email Marketing System

There are an enormous number of major industry-leading reasons and advantages for choosing the Discovery Email Marketing System. For your convenience these are detailed for you on the Features page.

A Wealth Of Experience And Expertise Gained Over Several Decades

You have the confidence in knowing that Discovery Design Limited is a long-established web design, web development, graphic design and marketing operation possessing vast experience and a proven successful history in design and marketing that extends back over three decades.

Diverse Relevant Expertise In Website Design, Web Development, Programming and Web Marketing

Our talented team of programmers, web developers, web designers, graphic designers and marketing specialists possess a unique, incredibly rich and extremely varied range of skills and expertise for the benefit of our diverse client base.

Major Accreditations and Awards

Discovery Design Limited is recognised as an established professional organisation within our industry and has achieved many very important industry-standard accreditations and recognitions. Our work has been awarded in the DTI/Interforum Ecommerce Awards... and since 1999 we have enjoyed a long association as an approved service provider with a number of official bodies including such as Business Link from our early years of operation. Over recent years we have enjoyed further professional elevation by being accepted on to the Catalyst2 Register and also being accepted as an approved service provider as listed on the North East England Service Provider Register, as well as attaining the YHSuppliers Quality Assured standard as listed on the Yorkshire and Humber Supplier Register of the Yorkshire and Humber Brokerage Platform. Our latest prestigious status in recognition of our innovative software solutions was being listed on the North East England Innovation Initiative Register.

Designed For Purpose

The Discovery Email Marketing System has been specifically designed for use by Small to Medium sized businesses and therefore is extremely relevant to their email marketing needs.

So Easy To Use

One major underlying philosophy in the development of this project has been to ensure that it has an extremely easy-to-understand layout and a simple operating interface.

Renowned Customer Service

We are pleased and proud to be renowned for the high level of customer service and support that we provide to our clients.